Diving and Compressed Air Works at TBM Construction Sites

Below a depth of 40 metres (which equals 4.0 bars over pressure) workers enter a zone where it is no longer effective to carry out compressed air work under conventional conditions. However, because the next generation of tunnels will be longer and deeper than anything we have at present, it can only be a matter of time and opportunity before divers start playing a key role in hyperbaric work.
NORDSEETAUCHER - Experts for Diving and Compressed Air Works

The NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH was founded in February 1989 and is listed in the register of companies under Ahrensburg No. B 2865. Managing Director is Claus Mayer. The Company Headquarter is in Ammersbek next to Hamburg, the Branch Office, Workshops and Training Centre is in Bremerhaven. Our partner companies are in the United Arab Emirates, Gibraltar, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Austria. The main activities are commercial diving in the North Sea and Baltic Sea on drilling and production platform, salvage work inshore, offshore and abroad. Diver and compressed air work in tunnel machines, repair of dams and power station, as well as diving in contaminated water. Our performance profile includes Mix.-Gas and Sat.-Diving (diving into depths over 50 meters) salvage work, underwater welding and cutting, preservation and concreting under water, video inspection and television documentation, ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, non destructive material testing, measurement work with sonar systems, underwater ship hull cleaning and propeller polishing. The Teams of NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH consist of highly qualified employees with extensive professional experience in all areas. Some of them have a specialized training as Mix.-Gas and Sat.-Diver into depths down to 600 meters. The depth of 600 meter under working conditions was reached for the first time in 1986. The Managing Director of NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH, Claus Mayer, was the Lead Diver of that team consisting of four divers. At present NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH employs 28 divers, employed on a regular basis. Two of them are Superintendent, one is Captain, Eight are qualified Underwater Welder according to EN 15618 & AWS 3.6 D, two are Authorized Blaster, four are Supervisors for Compressed Air Work and one is a Qualified Safety Expert. During a long co-operation with the GKSS research centre in Geesthacht, the SLV research institute for welding in Hamburg and some of the nominated paint manufacturers inland and abroad, we are able to deliver underwater preservation and underwater welding with guarantee. Only the most modern equipment is used on the NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH construction sites, which conforms to the latest diving technology and complies with all national and international safety regulations. Therefore we are able to carry out technically extremely ambitious projects. NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH is certified according to ISO 9002. For In-Water Survey of Ships and Mobile Offshore Units certified by German Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.
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22949 Ammersbek

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