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Closed type arm digger shield
Closed type arm digger shield Dimensions : - Tail shield outer diameter : 3.63 m - Front shield outer diameter : 3.64 m - Overall length: 8.3 m Gross weight: 74 tonnes Theoretical excavated section: 10.4 m2 Minimu curve radius: 130 m (1200 ...

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Earth Pressure Balance TBM
Earth Pressure Balance TBM Dimensions : Front shield / tail shield outer diameter : 4.49 / 4.48 m Excavation diameter: 4.546 m Overall length: 12.20 m Gross weight : 166 metric tonnes (including cutter head) Theoretical excavated section: ...

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Herrenknecht TBM1200T
Herrenknecht TBM1200T 2 sets Herrenknecht TBM1200 T complete with ancillyries avilable. The equipment was procured in August 2006 The machines were designed to push a 60 inch steel pipe for Road crossings in ...

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Roadheader SM 130
Roadheader SM 130 400 V/ 50 Hz Total installed power 236 kW Cutting power 150 kW Weight 35 t Total length with swivel conveyor 12,6 m Height without cabin 1,8 m Without transformer, connection and supply line Optional ...

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MTS 2400 with Rock head full setup for sale in Qatar ...

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GTA Maschinensysteme
GTA - A name with a driving force. Your supplier for tunnel excavation portals and tunnel excavation bridges...

RAUH Betonschalungen AG
Design, development and manufacturing of special formworks for tunnel construction and tunnel portals

Special Equipment for...
...Tunnelling. AM Mining supplies vehicles for explosive and personal transport, crane and platform vehicles...

Underground Equipment
Vast Array or Underground Mining and Civil Tunneling equipment. From Roadheaders, Scooptrams, LHD, Conveyors etc

SPT Pumps
Professional pump for construction sites from 0,25 up to 65 kW.

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