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Tunnel Formwork Systems
Tunnel Formwork Systems We supply individually designed tunnel formwork or standardized systems made of steel or combined with timber for all sorts of tunnelling requirements. Creating innovative and economical formwork solutions is at ...

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CIFA "Full Round" Tunnel Formwork
CIFA TELESCOPIC FULL ROUND TUNNEL FORMWORK Telescopic, "full round" multi-section formwork ideal to achieve continuous advancement or block jets. Self-propelled, hydraulic transport carriage available in the traditional version: "Omega" type and "America" ...

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CIFA Self-launching Tunnel Formwork
CIFA Self-launching Tunnel Formwork SELF-LAUNCHING TUNNEL FORMWORK Formwork for open or "Full round" sections with integrated carriage, mutually linked for the related forward movement along horizontal or inclined tracks. The system does not require service ...

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CIFA Tunnel formwork
Top quality equipment. Self-reacting, self-supporting, self-launching, telescopic "Full round", underground ducts.

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