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Comment Guidance and control system for drilling apparatuses

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Drilling-Guide - V

Drilling Guide - V is a system for setting up drilling devices. User guidance and equipment are optimised for utilisation by the drilling team. In general, merely the project setup (definition of reference points and input of target coordinates) is performed by a surveyor.

The "V" (i.e. VERTICAL) version is optimised for vertical and inclined drillings while the "H" (i.e. HORIZONTAL) version is optimised for approximate horizontal drillings.


The Drilling Guide V measuring system ascertains the position of a prism that is mounted on the drill rig and displays the correction values relative to the target position.

For this purpose, a total station is set up and two or rather three points whose coordinates are known are targeted. Then, this data is radio-transmitted to the PC mounted on the drilling device. There the position of the total station is automatically computed. Now, the prism located on top of the drilling rig is approximately targeted. Automatic tracking is started. From now on, the measuring system continuously displays the positions of the prism as well as the correction values relative to the selected target position of the next drilling and/or ramming.

Once the target position is reached, a second prism may be automatically measured in order to ascertain, display and document the alignment of the drilling. The favoured starting point is selected by clicking on the screen.

Optional features include additional parameters (as to ramming, drilling and/or concrete work) that may be recorded and incorporated into the documentation. The system also allows you to measure the drilling/ramming once it is terminated.

Further options:

1) Positioning of several drilling apparatuses by means of a total station.

2) Connection of inclinometers for inclination monitoring

3) GPS instead of total station

System components:

 Total station
 Prisms
 Radio modem
 PC
 Software

For instance, Drilling Guide was used for the following projects:

UWWTD Hull / United Kingdom
Weser Tunnel (cross cuts) / Germany
Pannerdensch Canaal Tunnel (Betouwe route) / Netherlands

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