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Comment Borehole guidance control system for tunnelling

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The DRILLING GUIDE module of the TUSCAN guidance control system allows the geodetic setup and control of, e.g., core drillings, standpipes and / or freezing drillings via a wireless controlled motor laser system.

A servo-driven laser theodolite with add-on laser installed on site in connection with an industrial computer suitable for tunnels allows the measurement and representation of deviations of a fixed standpipe and/or drill pipes versus the planned drill axis. In principle, the actual locations of two points positioned centrically or excentrically to the drill axis are ascertained and compared with the three-dimensional straight line (pre-determined axis) predefined in the plan, while being continuously corrected until there is a match with the drilling direction within the scope of the set tolerance. Thereupon, drilling approval is given.

After a few metres of drilling, another geodetic survey of the borehole position is performed via the relaxed extension of the drilling rig.

A final check after drilling stops is used as a basis for the following measurements of borehole geometry and location via probes.

In a further step the results of this probe borehole survey are related to the absolute reference of the superior coordinate frame via the geodetic basis. Incorporating this information into the 3D model of the construction site allows the representation of the presumable geometric shape of the frozen ground.

On this basis the Engineering Team may decide in favour of further additional drillings for closing potential gaps in the frozen area, if necessary.

After these parameters are fed into the guidance control system, the display, setup and monitoring of the drillings is performed as described above.

For ensuring the required precision, specifically manufactured devices are used for performing on-site measurements. Magnetically mounted aiming devices (excentres) and precisely fitting packers with glass prisms are recorded, surveyed and transformed onto the reference axes by the guidance system which is self-targeting. The system displays do not offer any percentage or degree information, but a result related to the set end position of the drilling in mm. Thus, the drilling team will find it easier to use this information for execution purposes.

After delivery of the corresponding training, the system is operated by site staff. Parameters may only be changed by the surveying team. In the event of faulty and / or incomplete measurements, there is a warning. However, no system stop is planned. The results of the standpipe check are edited in clear and concise lists together with the proposal for correction. Against this backdrop, decisions on necessary corrections can be made. As a consequence, standpipes that are slightly off course may still be used for performing drillings parallel to the originally planned direction within the framework of the above parameters.

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