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Item TUSCAN tunnel measurement software

Comment Guidance and control system for tunnel construction

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TUNNEL SCAN is both a guidance and control system for conventional tunnel driving (e.g. N.A.T.M.).


As a control system, TUNNEL SCAN draws a line parallel to the target profile on the working face.

TUNNEL POSI assists the excavation team in exactly positioning the lattice girders.

TUNNEL CHECK monitors cross sections and shows deviations from the set profile in real time.

It goes without saying that all functions are also available individually. Customisation upon request.

Requirements on your part:

a servo-driven theodolite
a built-in and/or add-on laser
a personal computer
as well as the TUNNEL SCAN software.

For your information, a brief description of system operation:

The servo-driven theodolite is mounted on a bracket, whereupon user-controlled orientation check and/or position fixing take place.

Upon receipt of data on an approximate station, the laser marks a point on the working face. After prism signalling, this point is measured and projected onto the tunnel axis.

Then the set profile of the resulting station is automatically ascertained and/or interpolated with regard to distortion areas.
This safeguards against mix-ups caused by entering a wrong station.

Now the laser of the servo-driven theodolite draws a user-specified line parallel to the ascertained set profile.

Using the menu item „TUNNEL POSI“ will result in the tunnel lattice girders being exactly aligned with the set value, with radial orientation being defined.

Clicking on the optional menu item „TUNNEL-CHECK“ will allow you to perform profile checks.

By means of a profile disc, the prism is placed at the point to be checked, whereupon radial deflection versus the set profile is displayed in real time. Of course, profile checks may also be executed by means of a non-contact measuring system and/or by referring to the laser cutting method.

The data is stored and may be plotted in the office as a cross-sectional or ortho profile.

Main menu for the excavation team:

To guarantee smooth handling the excavation team is provided with a simplified user interface.

Screen display ring construction (version: excavation)

VERSION: surveyor

The TUSCAN system comprises the following components: a servo-driven total station with adapted laser as well as an industrial PC suitable for tunnels.

For providing the possibility of positioning the computer close to the working face, there are transmission modules allowing a distance of several hundred metres between the devices.

Should the data be required immediately at the excavation site, it is possible to install remote controls. This is particularly recommendable in the event of blast excavation. Remote controls are available in a cable or radio version.

Additional programme parts for profile checks and bench set-out measurements to be conducted by the site foreman are available.

So far, the system has been successfully used for complicated profile shapes and expansions as well as splitted types of heading (e.g. side wall drifts, pilot drives or similar).

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TUSCAN  tunnel measurement software
TUSCAN  tunnel measurement software TUSCAN  tunnel measurement software TUSCAN  tunnel measurement software TUSCAN  tunnel measurement software
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