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Item Fixing accessories

Comment Convergence bolts and wall balts

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Depending on the purpose of the installation, there are several possibilities for fixing our swivel bracket.

In tunnel construction, the swivel bracket can be fastened to either a convergence bolt with a WILD-plug-in adaptor (Order No. 5 KBW), or to a connection adaptor with a predetermined breaking point (Order No. 5 KB + 46-VA). The connection adaptor option is particularly safe because the convergence bolt, being set in concrete, is not damaged even when there is a heavy mechanical load. In the event that a construction vehicle should collide with a swivel bracket, usually only the adaptor will break and, in most cases, the bolt and swivel bracket will remain undamaged.
For other applications, our 11R-series wall bolts can be combined with the WILD-adapter, Order No. 11 R5-W. In some cases, where highly visible marking is not essential, a simple brass pin may be sufficient.

5 KB Convergence bolt, Ø 22 x 250 mm with 3/8" male thread, galvanized with plastic cap

5 KBW Convergence bolt, Ø 22 x 200 mm with
12mm WILD pin

…-SR Protection ring made of steel, welded-on at the convergence- bolts 5KB or 5KBW

46-SK Steel cover cap, galvanized, 22mm,

3/8" female thread, suitable for article no. 5KB

46-VA Connection adaptor with breaking point,
3/8" female thread, 12mm plug, suitable for article no. 5KB

46-RVA Stainless steel adaptor, 3/8" male thread
to M12-male thread

46-RVA-M8 Stainless steel adaptor 3/8" male thread
to M8-male thread

MSD 12x40 Brass plug M12 x 40 mm, incl. scrap screw

MSD 8x30 Brass plug M8 x 30 mm, incl. scrap screw

MSD 8x40 Brass plug M8 x 40 mm, incl. scrap screw

46-IS6 Allen Key SW 6 to spread MSD 12 x 40

11 R5-W Brass adaptor 12-mm-WILD-plug
and M8 male thread

11 R5-W-VA High-grade steel adaptor M8-male thread

Material: high-grade stainless steel 1 8,50 EUR
11 R2-30W Wall bolt for permanent anchorage,
M8 female thread, 30 mm, white

11 R2-30BR Wall bolt for permanent anchorage,
M8 female thread, 30 mm, brown

11 R2-40W Wall bolt for permanent anchorage,
M8 female thread, 40 mm, white

11 R2-40BR Wall bolt for permanent anchorage,
M8 female thread, 40 mm, brown

11 R2-ST Allen Key SW4 with handle to spread 11R…

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Fixing accessories
Fixing accessories Fixing accessories Fixing accessories Fixing accessories Fixing accessories
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