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Item 2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs

Comment 2 Ventilator tubes: 800 Meters each, Diameter 1,8 m
Model designation
Year of manufacture
Price fixed price 

Country Germany
City Ammersbeck

Terms of payment
Cash up front / Invoice

Those two ventilators + tubes are for sale:
(Due to the bad data transmission, faults in the technical description are possible)
Technical Data:
Volume flow rate V m³/h 174 240 84 537
Static pressure at φ = 1,2 kg/m³ ∆Pst Pa 1 384 326
Total pressure at φ = 1,2 kg/m³ ∆Pt Pa 1 987 455
Speed η 1/min 1 484 720
Impeller power at φ = 1,2 kg/m³ Pw kW 123,7 142,0
Sound power level Lw dB(A) 116 97
Fan weight (without motor) approx. kg 3 851
Operating temperature °C 20 20
Flow medium fresh air dual free

Installation Type:
B-Free inlet, ducted outlet

Make VEM
Type/Size /315M
Rated voltage U/Frequency V/Hz 3x400V/50
Rated speed η approx. 1/min 1485/740
Rated power P kW 135/44
Design/protection class B5 / IP55

Motor weight approx. kg 1050
Classification DIN VDE 0530
Insulation class F
Rated current 1/Starting current I approx. A 233/85 / 8,5/7-times

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2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs
2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs 2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs 2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs 2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs
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Phone +49 4102 23180
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Mobile +49 172 4300598
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